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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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time for fresh viral videos. "right this minute." a lambeau driving millionaire decides to put on a disguise and hold a sign saying "i just need someone to talk to." see if somebody in this social experiment walks away with the prize. how this man managed to survive the intensity of an avalanche. >> oh! tears of joy when a son is reunited with his family after disappearing -- >> 22 year ago. >> the surprising road home. >> how do we figure this out? >> we're bringing the best from the web, including a girl who knows what she wants. >> a birthday.
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>> putting the kibosh on that has her getting her cry on. [ crying ] >> how about a pony? would a pony do? kind of a common sight, sadly, these days, to mejust sea man sitting on the sidewalk, holding up a sign. it almost appears he's blending in with the gum stuck to the sidewalk. nobody paying any attention at all. his sign says "i don't need money, i just need someone to talk to." that guy's name is chris collins. he's currently in l.a., right near where the grammys were taking place, on the same day the grammys were taking place, as a matter of fact. chris's sign says a lot about him. >> he doesn't need the money because he's a millionaire. chris has tons of money. he runs the youtube channel "the exotic revolution." he was hoping to find a date to the grammys. chris has two tickets to the
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grammys. >> i'm going to basically pretend like i'm homeless and not ask for money but ask for someone to talk to. and i guess my hope here is that people are willing to stop, you know, and talk to a stranger. >> that's the crux of the whole idea. >> exactly. somebody just had a moment of compassion for someone sitting on the street that they just stepped over, they could receive a ticket to the grammys. here is chris returning to his hotel room after the grammys. >> those that know me, you know that i would have had 100 times more fun watching magic in somebody else's eyes. >> no one ever stopped. >> because no one took the time to read his sign and see what it actually said. if you take a second to give somebody a chance, something wonderful might happen. it may not be tickets to the grammys. >> i work with the homeless. you never know what kind of
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conversation they have. just say hello or give them a hug or anything. >> i feel bad for him, he should have found someone else sitting on the side of the street and said, hey, brother, do you want to go to the grammys? >> chris used to have his own rags to riches story. check him out, he's an interesting guy. it's fair to say as "right this minute" hosts we have seen our fair share of intense videos of people skiing, snow boarding on the mountains. even then, when i watched this video, i shouted out words you can't say on broadcast television because it's straight up crazy. you see max crossing across the range in bozeman, montana, beautiful back country skiing. we know where this is going but it won't prepare you for the intensity you'll feel. >> no. >> keep going now. >> oh! >> now it's just a complete
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whiteout. all you can hear is the snow rushing around. eventually he starts to slow down, looks back up the hill, and you're like, whoa. now, something i really want to draw attention to is something that christian was talking about, an avalanche video we had the other day. the snow starts to flow like water like he was kayaking his way down. >> todkayaking or pin balling. he's going to get smashed up against these rocks. >> he knows it's an intense video, he didn't want his family to see it. but then he thought the back country community could find some use for this video. mostly, he says, he's just glad to be alive. they always say if you go out skiing, you should go with other people. he had two other people, you just never see them in the video. >> good. this video comes from china. this guy right here is 24 years
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old. he is meeting his biological family for the first time after being taken, kidnapped from them 22 years ago. >> how does this all come together? how do they figure this out? >> the family spent years looking for him when he was kidnapped with his sister. they resorted to a show called "baby come home." they provided their dna but the database didn't make a match. it wasn't until he also decided to give it a shot. he knew he had been adopted. he knew that he wanted to meet his biological family. so when he entered his dna into the database, they were able to make a match. and this is when the reunion happened. >> so hang on. the family he had been adopted by, were they the people that kidnapped him or was he sold on? >> he was a victim of human trafficking and he was sold, eventually adopted by the family that raised him. he doesn't complain about his
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childhood, said he had a very good childhood, but he always wanted to meet his family. >> he was a toddler when this happened. did he have any residual memories? >> no remember doesn't remember what the man who took him looked like. >> hopefully this kind of story and the attention it's bringing will shed light on this human trafficking problem even more. that is terrifying, to know somebody can steal your kid and sell it. >> we've seen a bunch of videos coming out of china over the last month, people trying to snatch kids off the street. obviously this problem is still around. >> it's incredibly scary. fortunately there's at least one good story that comes from a terrible situation. let's head over to this beach. oddly enough, its name means "people of the safe harbor." >> that doesn't look safe. >> three, two -- >> oh, bro, you are so lucky you
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didn't get knocked off your feet. >> he's definitely lucky. that was a 17-foot wave. he was standing up on the rocks instead of moving. he said he had visited that spot before, got some really cool pictures. this is what happened. >> the sea was happy to see him again, they waved hello. this next video is from the uk. you have a photographer. >> in their on defense, you guys are always shaking your heads, it does look calm. >> that's true. it also looks like the rocks they're standing on look wet. >> this is asking for disaster. >> it's the perfect backdrop. you've got the water. you've got the rocks. you've got love. and then they get home. get the shot, get the shot. >> that's all right. they're reckless. >> that is not all right. >> when you see the picture, it's going to be more than all
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right, it's going to be awesome, that's what he was waiting for, just that little bit of spray. >> look at that second wave, it comes up, and splash! >> he says, yeah, this is a rental, i'm out of here. >> he does come back. he realizes what he's doing. >> a good photographer could make it work. the dress still looks really good. >> i think her makeup is a wash. >> just cut her face out of all the wedding photos. done. a young buck is freed from a snare but -- >> no good turn goes unpunished. >> he's tree free to go. >> what happens when he decides not to go quietly? and a woman who thinks this is for her mom's surprise party suddenly realizes -- >> this may actually be for her.
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closed captioning provided by -- gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. oh, dear. this is in ohio. these guys went out because this poor deer was caught in a coyote trap. >> here's the snare. he's free to go. >> after they carefully get the trap off one of his legs, he says he's free to go. he's petting him. >> but no good turn goes unpunished. >> ooh! >> oh, yeah! >> it was like a disney movie
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moment. >> animal activist animals. >> he's against any attack on any animal. >> leave coyotes alone. >> that was awesome. >> the poor man says he was kicked in the chest and top of the head and knocked down. >> took him out. >> going the extra mile to help that deer out and that deer turned out to be a bit of a, you know. a completely different dent with deer. john g. has a drone and deer running across the hills. let me give chase. >> this is good. >> nice shot. >> very "jurassic park." >> that's what i was thinking. >> he's getting lower and lower as he's coming alongside them until -- >> whee! >> drove it right into the grass. >> a little too low and it hit the ground.
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>> now he has to go find it. >> until then, an epic show. well, if you just so happen to be in ecuador and have decided that you've lived long enough, you might want to try this out. >> whee! >> that looks fun. is it like a wrecking ball? >> yeah, but it also then rolls along one axis, which is the one you're sitting on. doesn't look so fun anymore when you start looking at their faces. you've got to think you're getting the force of the pendulum swing and being thrown forwards and backwards like you're in a washing machine. >> how is everybody not -- >> upchucking? >> i don't know. i almost did watching the video. >> well, hold on, though. we've seen amusement park rides that are more aggressive than this. it's kind of neat. it's like a zip line slash joint rope swing slash carnival ride.
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>> but it's not a carnival ride on a theme park. it's on the side of a mountain in ecuador. i don't know the official name for it but in the database it's referred to as the ecuadorian death pool. >> i'm going to go with that name. >> looks like fun. >> just not for me. in this case, ashley is helping her family planning a surprise for her mother's 65th birthday party. >> that's cousin right there at the very beginning playing the guitar. she is in the car and she's going to check out the surprise, making sure the choreography works. ♪ [ whistling ] >> that's like my favorite song. >> the car is taking off, it's in the street. >> oh, i see, they choreographed people to follow behind. >> now we're seeing the rest of
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her family, no surprises, she expected this. ♪ >> and as the car keeps driving down the road, more people start showing up. she's enjoying it, you know, she thinks her memo is going to like this. up until here, this moment. >> now her friends are showing up, her family are there. >> right about now is when the penny drops that this may actually be for her. >> now we get to this part of the drive. now there's a house back there that her man has built by himself. guess who comes out. >> jeff. >> no. her man noter comes out. he walks over and i think at this point she knows this was all for her. he takes her hand, he walks her to the middle of that circle of family and friends and now
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starts professing his love. fortunately everything went as planned and they're now engaged. congratulations to both. [ cheering ] dude's having fun on his snowboard. >> what he's about to pull off looks really good. >> why it does and then doesn't. plus -- he's walking up to people and asking for directions. >> you need to go up a staircase, on the right. >> he was awfully descriptive. but was he giving the accurate directions? >> he's giving people personal yelp reviews. ♪ at air wick we know the power of that first whiff of your favorite scent. ♪ air wick freshmatic releases timed bursts of the fragrances you love. so that first whiff feeling never fades.
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gold bond really works. you're going to go up here, then go to the upper floor. >> we loved this guy, now he's got a new bit. >> there's going to be smith hall on the right. >> he was awfully descriptive. but was he really giving me accurate descriptions? >> he's giving people personal yelp reviews. >> he gives commentary on what's going on and then goes back to what's happening. >> i knew nothing about the campus. but i wasn't going to let them know. >> wow. >> he's good at it. >> i know, he has these hilarious asides. >> i'm really familiar. >> do you know where freedom square is? >> absolutely. >> i had no idea where freedom
12:22 pm
square is. i didn't trust these guys, especially the guy with the hat. >> i love how they stand there and wait. >> he continues the conversation. >> i couldn't understand this crazy riddle the girls were trying to tell me. i had to break it down. >> the red head is totally confused and the other one brought her phone out to call emergency services. this dude clearly needs help. >> hello, campus security? >> a lot of people seemed to go with it although it seemed to freak some people out. >> those were well-fed directions. but was she a liar? you've been to the library? >> yeah. >> people are being so helpful. i had to be polite so i had to end the conversation and make her think i was going to follow those directions. those are great directions. i'll definitely follow them. >> it is absolutely hilarious, a great bit. enjoy the entire thing on, or our tv show, or use our mobile app.
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this dude is having a good old time on the snow. what he's trying to pull off looks really good. >> wait, what? >> until it's not. >> oh, man. >> you call that getting jammed up, i think. >> yes. he beelines towards this building. it looks like he's able to go right through it and through the window. no, rejected. just watch. >> what? >> oh, my gosh. >> spines aren't designed for that. >> his is. he goes right over this fence, curls, rolls, comes over. >> i don't understand the goal. i mean, was he trying to go over, trying to go under, trying to go through, or just trying to do yoga? >> who knows?
12:24 pm
the folks in the comments also say, "i just don't understand." this cutie sees something new. >> and she's absolutely terrified. >> the adorable moments when a little stuffing has her running scared.
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service. ♪ the little one in this jookin video has a dilemma whether she knows it or not, it will be with her for the rest of her life. >> what do you want? tell us what you want first. >> oh, go on on. >> that's like, come on, can we
12:28 pm
just wait maybe 13, 14 more years? >> he tells her she has to wait a lot longer than that. [ crying ] >> not until you're 30. >> how about a pony? >> she doesn't know what a pain in the booty they really are. >> ponies aren't that hard. >> and talking about the could the cootie-ridden boys. >> that's weird. why would we be a problem? >> actually here's a list. >> are you sad? because you don't have a boyfriend. >> she laid it on thick. >> i'll get you a boyfriend. >> the kids know exactly what they don't want. >> come touch it. >> no. >> why? >> i don't like it. >> it's the soul of my toy!
12:29 pm
>> it's the soul of the pet's toy. she doesn't want anything to do with it. >> come here, come touch. >> she finally walks toward the cotton. >> it's the inside of a toy. >> she touches it, it's like, okay, maybe. >> see? >> maybe. >> what did you think it was? [ screaming ] >> the next little girl has fear of her mother's voice. ♪ one builds a snowman
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